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Mouthguards are more than just tooth protectors. They shield braces, dental implants, and other fixed dental devices while also preventing injuries to the inner cheeks and lips from braces during unforeseen mishaps. Choose safety, choose our dental-grade sports guards.
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Understanding Sports Mouthguards

Mouthguards do more than just shield your teeth. They offer protection to braces, dental implants, bridges, and other fixed appliances, ensuring the inner lining of your cheeks and lips remain unharmed during unexpected incidents. For those engaging in sports or activities with potential falls, physical contact, or airborne equipment, a mouthguard is an essential precaution. While any mouthguard is beneficial, a custom-made guard crafted by your dental professionals tailored to your unique oral structure is unbeatable in safety and comfort.

Exploring Your Choices

Ready-to-Wear Sports Guards

Sold in sporting goods stores, these guards are pre-molded and ready for immediate use. However, they may not provide the best fit, potentially feeling cumbersome and hindering clear speech or easy breathing. As a result, athletes might find them distracting, often removing or adjusting them during play.

Boil & Bite Sports Guards

These kits come with a plastic guard and instructions. By boiling the guard and then biting into it, you mold the guard to the contours of your teeth. Although they offer a better fit than their ready-to-wear counterparts, they’re not a perfect solution for everyone. If you find it awkward or restrictive, it might be time to consider a personalized option.

Customized Mouth Guards

Our top recommendation for a reason! Nothing matches the precision and comfort of a mouthguard tailored specifically for you. Guards crafted by our team promise superior protection and a snug fit. Should you face any comfort issues, rest assured, we’re here to fine-tune it for you. Your satisfaction is our responsibility.

The Price of Custom Sports Guards in Leduc

The cost for a personalized sports guard can differ significantly from one individual to another. On average, with an insurance plan, the expense ranges from $100 to $300+. Without insurance, the price of such a mouthguard typically lies between $150 and $350, or even more.

    But what influences these varying prices? Two primary factors come into play:
  • The specific material used for crafting the guard.
  • Adjustments required due to ongoing orthodontic procedures.

It’s essential to note that a dental practice cannot provide a precise estimate without a proper assessment. After all, your dental needs are as individual as your grin. A face-to-face consultation and oral examination by a dentist will give you a clearer picture of potential costs and treatment choices. If you’re insured, we can help draft a quote for you to forward to your insurance provider, ensuring you’re well-informed about your expenses before finalizing your decision.

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Our thorough assessment will encompass not only your teeth and gums but also the soft tissues and the alignment of your bite. We aim to understand the complete dynamics of your mouth. Before crafting your ideal sports mouth guard, we prioritize understanding the health, aesthetics of your smile, and your specific protection needs. Let us help you safeguard your smile on the field, tailored precisely to your unique requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, mouthguards and nightguards, while both tailored to fit your teeth closely, serve distinct purposes. Sports guards are crafted to shield your mouth from external impacts, while night guards concentrate on maintaining the alignment of your bite and the position of your teeth and jaw.

All these terms refer to the same concept: a protective device worn over your teeth to either prevent injuries or lessen their impact.

It’s recommended to replace guards after every sports season. Over time, mouth guards may degrade, especially if one has a tendency to chew on them or handle them roughly. In adolescents, shifting teeth can lead to a less-than-perfect fit. Athletes involved in multiple sports often opt for a new sports guard during their regular 6-month dental visit.

A tailor-made sports guard should sit comfortably in your mouth, allowing for easy breathing and clear speech. If you’re constantly adjusting it or removing it during crucial moments in a game, it might not be the perfect fit for you.

Consider using a sports guard for any sport or activity that involves potential falls, player collisions, or the risk of being struck by a ball or equipment. If you or your child are involved in football, hockey, lacrosse, baseball, soccer, field hockey, water polo, cricket, ringette, curling, skateboarding, gymnastics, mountain biking, wrestling, boxing, or any other contact or high-intensity sport, a sports guard is advisable.

We highly recommend wearing a sports guard, especially for you! Beyond safeguarding your teeth, it acts as a shield for your braces and prevents injuries to the inner lining of your cheeks and lips from your braces in case of facial impacts.

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